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Pizza Accessories

Pizza Accessories
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Image Name Code Quantity Availability Price
10 10" Screen Nets 10SCREEN 49  
12 12" Screen Nets 12SCREEN 76  
15 15" Screen Nets 15SCREEN 99  
9 9" Screen Nets 9SCREEN 82  
Oil Brush- 50mm Flat Blue Bristle Oil Brush- 50mm Flat Blue Bristle BRUSH 219  
H/Duty Can Opener With Clamp Base H/Duty Can Opener With Clamp Base CANOPENER 8  
Plastic Dough Docker 4.75 wide Plastic Dough Docker 4.75 wide" DOCKER 6  
Dough Cutter Dough Cutter DOUGH 103  
Pan Grippers Pan Grippers GRIPPERS 500  
Heavy Duty Pizza Pan Grippers (Metal) Heavy Duty Pizza Pan Grippers (Metal) GRIPPERS2 457  
Pizza Delivery Bags (RED) Pizza Delivery Bags (RED) HOTBAGS 658  
TakeAway Delivery Bags (for Kebabs) TakeAway Delivery Bags (for Kebabs) HOTBAGS2 195  
Short Handle 35 Short Handle 35" Peel PEEL 4  
Long Handle 52 Long Handle 52" Peel PEEL2 15  
Dough Edge Scraper Dough Edge Scraper SCRAPER 84  
S/ Steel Pizza Server S/ Steel Pizza Server SERVER 11  
Single Slice Pizza Server Single Slice Pizza Server SERVER2 91  
36 36" Tab Grabber(100cm) TAB 23  
48 48" Tab Grabber (120cm) TAB2 20  
Large Garlic Bread Tongs(Black/Red/Gr) Large Garlic Bread Tongs(Black/Red/Gr) TONGS2 129  
S/Steel Pizza Turner S/Steel Pizza Turner TURNER 22  
Pizza GoGo Delivery Bags (BLUE) Pizza GoGo Delivery Bags (BLUE) HOTBAGS1 477  
18 18" Pizza Screen Net 18SCREEN 47